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If you seek our Advice on Debt Consolidation in England, we ensure that we strictly maintain the confidentiality of your case. We have an extremely strong privacy policy to deal with the details we collect about you to provide guidance on Debt Consolidation UK and other debt management programmes.

This privacy policy designed by Citizen Debt Help explains the purpose of collecting your details and the use of them while dealing with debt help. We strongly recommend you go through the details of the privacy ploy mentioned below. While you avail our services and seek our Advice on Debt Consolidation England, you must agree to them.

In case, you fail to understand any of these clauses related to our privacy policy or find it confusing, please feel free to contact us. You can either email us at or call us at our national debt helpline in England.

Collection & Analysis of Personal Details

We do ask for your personal details while you sign up for free debt advice. But we keep them highly secured. We don’t even access your details unless it is needed to address any of your problems.

We only use the details that are needed to do an analysis of your profile. We analyze your situation and other financial commitments and relevant factors to figure out what will be the best debt management plan for you.

We may even collect some other intricate details about you from external sources. But we will do this, only to make your debt management plans more effective for you. Based on the information provided by you and those collected from external sources, we do a thorough mapping based on social, demographic, and financial factors.

Accordingly, we help you get in touch with the advisors, who will guide you to get the best benefits of various debt solutions UK.

But we never use your data or other information that can be a breach of privacy to you. We even take your concern related to your privacy preferences before sharing your data.

Auto Collected Information from Logging Process

You have to sign up for seeking any Advice on Debt Consolidation in England or other debt help through our website. The logging process and its subsequent signing process trace and record your IP address.

Although, no personal details can be traced from the IP address except your demographic details. We analyze the IP addresses to figure out, people from which demographic area are accessing our website the most. This helps us in administering our web site to get an idea of which group of people is mostly looking for which specific schemes and plans of Debt Consolidation UK.

We may also collect the record of your mouse clicks, cursor movement, page scrolling patterns, etc. We figure out people from which area are more prone to visit a particular web page related to various debt help services and debt management plans. It helps us enhance the usability and visibility of our website.

Cookies Policy

We also use cookies. Cookies are small packets of data sent by a company to your device and stored on your device’s memory. This allows the website to identify your browsing pattern.

We have designed a cookies policy for the sake of our marketing analysis. This not only helps us in providing better Advice on Debt Consolidation in England but also helps us in making general improvements to our official website.

We even do a thorough analysis to figure out which page is most visited and how a visitor uses our web pages. We even analyze and incorporate your views and comments on the guidance we provide on debt management like debt solutions and debt consolidation in the UK.

Facebook Ad Policy

We try to ensure that you get a customized post on your Facebook newsfeed related to our website. It can be anything ranging from Debt Consolidation UK, debt solutions to other forms of debt help schemes. Thus, we show related content that we feel may interest you. We design that as per your previous online activities. This is mostly done through the help of our cookies policy.

Often, we use cookies to get ‘lookalike’ audiences to reach out to more target audiences, who may need Advice On Debt Consolidation England.

Facebook, Instagram, and other social media pages we have used similar kind of cookies as that of our website. This helps us gather your information about the type of debt help pages you visit more often on our website. Based on this, you will get advertising popping up on your social media.

Information Sharing

Based on the nature of your debt and the debt management plan UK, you opted for, there may be a third-party involvement. Although chances are less, we may transfer your data to a third party for the sake of business restructuring. We may share data anonymously with other partner agencies and the government if required.

But we ensure to protect your privacy in the best possible ways. We just try to maximize the demand and ease of use of our website to the people looking for Business Debt Advice in England and other details of Debt Consolidation UK.

Except for these details, we won’t share any other confidential information without your consent. Although, if there is any legal aspect involved like a breach of the court order or criminal activity, we may share for the sake of law enforcement.

Information Sharing Outside the UK

While you access the details of various debt management plans UK, they may get transferred to IT cell-based outside the UK. It mostly happens if you access our website and social media pages from a location outside the UK.

If any of our service providers are based in some other places outside the UK, then also it may happen.

The data protection law of these countries may not be the same as that of the UK. Even if your data get transferred in this way, we ensure that your privacy rights are protected in the best possible way.

Third-Party Privacy Policy

We will not be accountable if you access any other third-party website from our website. Being one of the best debt consolidation companies, we have a very stringent privacy policy. But we are not liable for the cookies and privacy policy of the third-party website.

We strongly recommend you read carefully the privacy policy of any other website, even if they have been directed from our website only.

Amendments to Our Privacy Policy

If we make any modifications to our privacy policy, we will immediately update the same on this website. You may even receive an email notification if you are subscribed to our newsletter.

  • We always ensure the highest security check and maintenance of confidentiality of your data to maximize your privacy. We have a highly encrypted system to protect your personal data and information related to debt problems from unauthorized access.
  • If we ever feel that there has been unauthorized access to your data submitted through our website, we inform you immediately. It can be either due to any technical glitch or other factors. We also contact the cyber cell if we feel there has been an unwanted intrusion or breach.
  • Whether you submitted the details through Citizens Debt Helpline UK or through online, we ensure maximum security of your information. We not only guarantee maximum protection of your data but also ensure it is equally secured with the third parties who have access to them.
  • Since we use Cookies, you may choose to switch off cookies by altering the browser setting while you look for information related to Debt Consolidation UK, Business Debt Advice in England Although, turning off cookies may affect your search results and hamper the functionality of the website.

Contact Us

If you have any inquiries, complaints about how we manage your personal information, or any suggestion regarding our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us via

Please visit to get more detailed information about Data Protection & SAR’s.

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