Joint Debt

Joint Debt

If you and your partner, both are in debt then you can go for this solution. In this, the debts are combined & one single payment for all the debt is offered. Joint Debt benefits you because the single payment is usually higher than what you were already paying combined.

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So, now you don’t have to pay separately for your debts. There is a chance now to pay off total debts to become debt free together in a short period of time.

For example: If in a family male owe £5000 and paying £150 and female owe £4500 and paying 100. Together, they are paying £250 and facing a struggle paying the huge amount.

So by preparing the joint application for them for their £9500 debts. We offer £100 in total and also by freezing the interest and charges we can give them an easy breathe and no more harassment calls from the creditors.

Now, become debt free going in an IVA with joint application and become debt free together.

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