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get free help with debt solutions
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Get Help With Debt Solutions – Citizen Debt Help

Citizens Help with Debt Solutions: At the time of the outbreak of COVID-19, various small and big enterprises have been financially affected in the UK. Thus, we know, many individuals need help from professionals to get a Business Debt Advice in England. Even if you have a very concrete revenue model, there is a chance your business may be facing cash flow problems.  This is mostly a major challenge if it is your early years of business development.

If you are struggling to pay off your business debts, irrespective of the amount of its yearly turn over, you can seek advice On Debt Consolidation England.

Citizens Debt Help is one of the most efficient and trustworthy organizations, you can rely on for Business Debt Advice In England. We can help you find the best possible solutions for your business debts even under extremely challenging situations.

Whether you are self-employed, or you have your enterprise, any money you borrow for the purpose of your business from any creditors comes under business debt. For both of them, we have dedicated team of debt advisors to Advice on Debt Consolidation England. Like many other debts, business debts are also of two types: priority debt and non-priority debt. The priority creditors have more potential to demand their money back than no-priority ones.

Get Free Help with Debt Solutions | Debt Advice in England

You may be confused about the nature of your business debt. It can either be the one for a sole trader or a partnership or limited company. Irrespective of the type of your debts, you can contact our financial consultants to get free help with debt solutions in England.

Sole traders are the ones having their own business and they work for themselves. Although, they can have employees as well. In a partnership business, two or more people run the business together and in limited companies, directors and shareholders run the business.

If you want to avail the services of Citizen Advice Scotland for managing your business debts, you can call us at Citizens Advice Phone Number UK.

At Citizens Debt Help, our Advice on Debt Consolidation England primarily focuses on the below major parameters:

Sorting your debts:

We plan a strategy for your business debt repayment. We first sort your business debts depending on the interest rates, the amount due and the monthly repayment amount. This helps you to get an understanding of which debts need to be prioritized first.

Cost-Cutting Schemes:

We identify a few areas of your business model that are economically redundant.

You can reduce your business expenditure by stop spending on them. It can either be reducing your office space or reducing the investment in pieces of equipment. This will save some money and help you repay your business debts faster.

Increase Cash flow:

As a part of our various schemes and programs under Business Debt Advice in England, we incorporate intelligent marketing. This marketing strategy works well to increase cash flow to your business. We also advise on providing some incentives to your customers and/or increasing the price of some specific items or services that will increase the sell to maximize cash flow.

Refinance Your Debt:

Often we contact your creditors, to reevaluate your business credit terms and status as a part of refinancing strategy. This will lower your repayment amount.

Although you can call our business debt helpline for managing your both priority and non-priority debts, we always process priority debt repayments in fast track method. The priority business debts mostly include arrears like that of business rent, VAT, National insurances along with accountant bills and business debts to the major suppliers.

Especially, if any of your priority debts belong under the category of HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs), we always advise to repay them at the earliest. These can be the Income Tax (PAYE), National Insurance or VAT arrears under HMRC.

Business Debt Advice in England – Citizen Debt Help

To deal with your business debts related to HMRC, we generally follow the following steps:-

Cross-Check the Bill Amount:

Our team for Business Debt Advice in England, preliminary cross-checks if HMRC is asking for the right amount to be repaid.

We even check if the details provided by you related to your business takings and expenses are up to date. This is particularly important, because a slight mistake in the information provided by you may result in the over-estimation of the tax-bill.

Prepare a Budget for Your Business Debt:

Our team deals with debt advice for self-employed or partnered business. Irrespective of your business pattern, we help you figure out the most affordable amount for your income tax arrears.

You need to figure out what is the monthly net profit from your business?  Either you can use self-employed income tax calculator, or our team can help you to get the details regarding the net profit. Based on your net profit, we help you prepare a personal budget that will include your other expenses like your rent, mortgages etc. Then, we help you prepare the budget of the affordable amount to pay your tax arrears.

Get in touch with HMRC – Citizen Debt Help

For any kind of business debt repayment for HMRC, you have to pay regularly to clear your debts. So, we always advise you to agree to pay an amount which will be affordable after paying your other living expenses.

As per the regulations of HMRC, your arrears should be cleared before your next tax bill is due. If you feel you may fail to do this, we will help you get in touch with HMRC to convince them to allow an extended repayment period.

Although, if you want to extend your tenure of the repayment period, you have to produce evidence to prove your inability to pay the amount of your ongoing tax.  We can help you to figure out which all documents can be used as evidence.

Complete the Payment:

Once you have a word with the officials of HMRC, you can start the payment. HMRC may not agree to the lesser repayment amount you have offered. Still, our team for advice on debt consolidation England strongly recommends you start the repayment of the affordable amount.

We advise you to do so else there is a chance that HMRC may consider that you are deliberately avoiding the repayment of your business debts. This may have some serious repercussions. So, rather than not paying at all, it is always better to keep paying some amount regularly.

Update HMRC Regularly:

Our team for Business Debt Advice in England recommend you to keep HMRC updated about your current financial situation. You should do it irrespective of your lesser repayment amount being paid or not being paid at all.

If they don’t get to hear from you for a long time, they may consider that you are deliberately avoiding the repayments of your business debts.

Citizens Advice Phone Number UK – Get Debt Solutions

There are so many services related to Business Debt Advice in England available around you. So, it may become difficult for you to decide which Citizens Advice Phone Number UK to call to get the best of the advice.

If you need the best Advice on Debt Consolidation England to deal with your business help with debt, you can call us at our business debt helpline. Then you can directly get in touch with our business debt advisors.

We have a central business debt helpline which is the Citizens Advice Phone Number UK.  You can call at this debt helpline number from any parts of the UK to get advice on business debt. We even have specific helpline numbers for Citizens Advice Scotland and Citizens Debt Helpline Manchester for citizens from Scotland and Manchester respectively.

Citizens Advice Phone Number UK – 01615327813

Citizens Advice Scotland Helpline –  0161532157813

Citizens Debt Helpline Manchester – 01615327813

Our debt advisors will help you get Advice on Debt Consolidation England over the phone calls.

Calling time: 09:00 AM to 07:00 PM

Calling days: Monday to Friday

We don’t operate on Saturdays and Sundays and on public holidays in the UK.

Our highly experienced, cooperative and professional business debt advisors working for the team of Business Debt Advice in England will help you out in all possible ways. They will never make you feel worried or bad about your financial situation.

Irrespective how critical your financial condition is, our team will give you the best help with debt to you cope up with the situation.

You may have a long call waiting time, during peak hours. In that case, you can chat with us online to get in touch with us our advisors to get Advice on Debt Consolidation England.



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